Dr. MacLeods VLED Fruit and Nut Bar x 12

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Dr. MacLeod's Fruit and Nut Bar 

Dr. MacLeod's VLED or VLCD (Very Low Energy Diet or Very Low Calorie Diet) products are used for the medical treatment of overweight and obesity and are recommended to be used if undergoing bariatric (weight Loss) surgery.

The Dr. MacLeod’s VLED / VLCD products are nutritionally balanced with high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals so that as your body, metabolises fat, you are provided with all your nutritional requirements to maintain muscle mass and health.

There are 9 Dr. MacLeod’s VLED / VLCD products available, giving you a great variety of sweet and savoury flavours to choose from. Each product has been extensively taste tested to ensure it is delicious.

IMPORTANT: VLED / VLCD products must be used under the guidance and supervision of your health care professional and should not be a substitute for a balanced diet unless indicated for medical reasons. ALWAYS consult your dietitian, surgeon or doctor before using these products.

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