BN Multivitamin Chewable

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BN Multivitamin chewable vitamins tablets are a great supplement option post weight loss and bariatric surgery procedures such as a gastric sleeve or bypass. In conjunction with the diet prescribed by your dietitian; vitamins are essential to help you meet your daily vitamin and nutrition needs.

Weight loss surgery guidelines recommend a chewable supplement for the first 2 months after surgery to maximise absorption of nutrients. Not only are BN multi's chewable they are made with the highest quality ingredients, have the most bio-available nutrient forms and include comprehensive B-Complex and trace minerals. BN chews are made in Australia, have an orange flavour and are a very popular chewable option.

Comprehensive Vitamin B Complex
BN chew tablets provide a broad range of essential vitamins including B-group vitamins.

Trace Element Support
BN chews contain various trace elements. Iodine is essential to support healthy thyroid function; iron is necessary for maintaining normal health

BN Vitamin Capsules or BX Vitaility Tablets: Following 2 months post surgery the BN capsules or BX Vitality tablets are alternate options over the chewable tablet.

Guidelines recommend including medical nutrition therapy by a registered dietitian pre and post-surgery.


Please always consult your surgeon, doctor or dietitian before taking any vitamin supplements.


Each BN Multi Chewable tablet contains

Betacarotene -2.3mg

Retinol acetate - 431.25 microgram
(Vitamin A 375microgam RE)

Ascorbic Acid – 60mg
(Vitamin C)

Colecalciferol – 12.5 microgram
(Vitamin D 500IU)

d-aIpha-Tocopheryl acid succinate – 12.4mg
(Vitamin E 15IU)

Thiamhe nitrate – 5mg
(Vitamin B1)

Riboflavin – 5mg
(Vitamin B12)

Calcium pantothenate -5mg
(Vitamin B5)

Pyridoxine hydrochloride- 5mg
(Vitamin B12)

Cyanocobalamin – 125 microgram
(Vitamin B12)

Mecobalamin (Co-Methylcobalamin) - 125 microgram
(Vitamin B12)

Folic acid – 250 microgram

Selenium – 30 microgram
(as selenomethionine)

Biotin – 150 microgram

Inositol – 10mg

Calcium (as citrate) – 50mg
Calcium (as carbonate) – 250mg
Total Calcium – 300.42mg

Magnesium – 52.5mg
(as Heavy Magnesium oxide)
Iodine – 75 microgram
(as potassium iodide)

Copper – 375 microgram
(as cupric citrate hemipentahydrate)

Zinc – 7.5mg
(as amino acid chelate)

Nicotinamide – 25mg
(Vitamin B3)

Manganese – 1mg
(as amino acid chelate)

Iron – 9mg
(as ferrous fumarate)

Chromium – 35 microgram
(as chomic chloride hexahydrate)
Chromium – 25 microgram
(as picolinate)
Total Chromium – 60 microgram

Molybdenum – 37.5 microgram
(as molybdenum trioxide)

Choline bitartrate – 2.5mg




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